2022-01-27 00:00

Skiing Adventures at the Caledon Ski Club

Winter is in full swing and there’s nothing better than loading your skis and heading for some thrilling adventures nearby. While we are not as picturesque as Vancouver or as mountainous as Montreal, we do have some amazing places to ski and enjoy the winter wonderland.

And one of the best places to do that is at the Caledon Ski Club. Its history dates back all the day to 1958 when a group of local friends installed a custom-made rope tow on a farm near Inglewood, Ontario and that place today is known as the Caledon Ski Resort. A private, reservation-only club, its outdoor fun activities include outdoor skating, snowshoeing, and hiking. The Caledon Ski Hill is for its downhill skiing in Caledon and beyond. They have one of the best snow schools in the province loved by over three generations of athletes and fun-loving families. The facilities are tailor-made for each member of the family and the instructions help a lot whether you’re sliding the slopes individually or collectively.

The club is home to highly regarded instructors and coaches who offer their expertise in snowboarding and downhill skiing. You can learn new skills every season and also sign up for racing programs for all ages if you’re looking for more thrill.

The club offers trial membership programs for those who want to try it first. For regular skiing lovers and snowboarders, prices start from $73 full day on a weekend for Adults, $63 for Seniors and Students, $56 for children, and $17 for kids under 5. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing because it gets windy. Food and beverage options are available. The line at the chairlifts is usually moving at a good pace.

From outdoor skating in Caledon to snowshoeing in Caledon, the Caledon ski club reviews are amazing and you should check out the place by yourself or with your family members. From the outdoor ice to the rolling hills to cross country ski adventures, the Caledon Ski Club is one of the highlights of the town of Caledon and Ontario and is a must-visit place for everyone.


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