2022-03-08 00:00

4 Women Entrepreneurs to Inspire You on Women's Day 2022

International women’s day 2022 is here and it is a great time to celebrate the success and contribution of women from around Canada. These women are playing an integral role in society while leaving inspirational footprints for others to follow. From setting up successful women to bridging gender gaps, these Canadian women have built their own empires from the ground. Here are four of them to inspire you this women’s day:

Tonia Jahshan

The founder of Steeped Tea which was inspired by rich flavours and loose tea leaves, this lady is now an inspiration herself for those looking to do something that they love. She started the company with her husband and after getting to a wonderful start, she went to Dragon’s den and secured two investors. Today, Steeped Tea is successfully operating in Canada and the US.

Elisabeth Rioux

One of the rare gems that used her social media fame to build a company that oozes body image positivity and self-confidence. Launched in 2016, HOAKA Swimwear became a fashion movement for swimwear enthusiasts. Started while Elisabeth was still studying, her company now has a whole team of employees helping her grow her company and spread her vision.

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Talk about putting your voice where it matters. Ciccarelli is the co-founder and chief brand officer of, one of the world’s largest online platforms for voice actors. This has enabled and empowered women, artists, and creative professionals across the world. Check out her podcast, Sound Stories for more inspiration.

Susan Niczowski

What started off in the family kitchen with only 18 recipes is now a fully operational company with over 2000 products from dips to snacks, meals, salads, and sauces. Susan is the epitome of hard work and a relentless drive to succeed. A people person, her motivation and happiness come from spending time in the kitchen to provide quality food to people.

Now is a good time to recognize the incredible women in your life and around you for their cultural and political achievements, their fight on gender equal pay, a sustainable tomorrow and more. Happy women's day 2022 to all. Follow our blog for women's day fun and women's day activities.


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