2022-03-28 00:00

5 Things to do this Spring in Caledon

Caledon, Ontario might be a small town, but it offers big things for locals and tourists. The views are breathtakingly beautiful, the places to visit in Caledon are plenty and you’re sure to have a wonderful time here. The Caledon spring season brings lots of places to see in Caledon and here are some wonderful things to do in Caledon.

The Amazing Badlands

If you want to see something truly impressive and unique, The Cheltenham Badlands is one of the best Caledon attractions there is and probably the most unique Caledon places to visit. The dark orange terracotta hills will make you think you’re in fairyland and your Instagram notifications won’t be stopping.

Dive into local deliciousness

Caledon is blessed to have wonderful local eateries, fresh farm markets, acres of gorgeous orchards and cideries. Fresh, organic, clean, and super delicious, these places will keep you hooked for days when you visit. Add it up to your Caledon things to do list.

The Great Albion Picnics

Beautiful scenery, lush green trails, and little spots to have picnics with your loved ones. All you need is some good food and a camera to enjoy your time at the Albion Hills. The afternoons over here are majestic, and the days are serene. Your photographs will look like they are straight out of Nat Geo, and you’ll be surrounded by birds and animals.

Go for Petting

If you’ve got love for fluffy friends, then you’ll love the Alabaster Acres. You’ll be surrounded by so many adorable animals, and you can pet and play with them without worries. They also offer glamping if you want to take the experience up a notch.

Take to the Skies

Caledon’s famous Great War Flying Museum will give you a chance to fly over the town and take in the views. The ride is a great way to relive the history of the world war and have a nostalgic experience. The friendly staff and documents are super resourceful.

Caledon is a cozy place with the right mix of rural and urban amenities. Whether you live here or visiting, you’ll have a wonderful time with plenty of things to do. From the Caledon spa, Caledon hotel, and forks of the credit scenic road, to the Belfountain Conservation Area, spirit tree estate cidery and more, Caledon tourist attractions and things to see in Caledon are plenty.


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