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Spring into Garden Season 2021

Gardening Tips for Spring 2021

Winter is finally winding to a close. Although many of us enjoy the cold months, we welcome spring with arms wide open. Spring brings warmth but most importantly, it brings the start of the gardening season. And we’re thrilled to spring into gardening season 2021! Life just seems refreshed and renewed in the garden. And whether you’re a novice gardener or a regular green thumb, we’ve got the perfect tips for you to get started. After all, you can never know too much about gardening. You’ve already taken the first steps by reading this blog! All faithful gardeners know, if you want a beautiful garden by the time summer comes around, you have to take the first steps in the spring. The effort you put in now will go a long way in making your garden the talk of the neighbourhood. The best part about getting an early start is it doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can do many of these tips without leaving your comfy chair. To make the most out of your garden this season, here are some excellent tips to have up your gardening gloves.

Take Stock of Last Year’s Garden

Before planting seeds, it is crucial to note what worked and what didn’t work last year. Try keeping a journal of everything garden-related. Did the hydrangeas get enough sun on the front lawn, or shade plants like ferns or hostess be better suited? Did certain plants require more watering than you had time to commit? By tracking these subtleties, you can fashion a garden that works perfectly for you. In your journal, map out exactly where you should plant your annuals. Take the dimensions of your garden bed and research how much space new annuals will need. Also, take an inventory of your planters and tools as you prepare to start planting.

Inspect Your Garden

Once the snow and ice have melted away, it is time to take stock of the condition of your garden. Clear the dead leaves and fallen branches from the garden beds. And remove any shooting weeds. The winter will have undoubtedly left its mark. Fix any pathways or damages to the fencing. Also, don’t forget to prune shrubs and remove any dead branches from trees. Uncover the raspberry and currant bushes, and remove the dead parts.

Plant Seeds and Prepare Soil

Planting seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start. Growing plants from seeds are rewarding, but if you don't have the time or space, it's okay. You can purchase plants in May. Start annuals like snapdragons and petunias as early as March. If you want to plant vegetables or herbs indoors, go with hardy plants and start as early as February. For herbs, thyme and rosemary are suitable for the Canadian climate and will continue to grow into the Fall if planted outdoors. Or keep the plants indoors to have them year-round. In regards to vegetables to start indoors, try planting tomatoes and peppers in April. Check the blog on the Vegetables to Carry for Next Picnic . Starting seeds early means by mid-May, you will have some great plants ready to be transplanted outside. In regards to the soil, the last frost for Toronto is generally mid-May. When the threat of frost has passed, you can prepare your garden soil. Loosen the soil with a till and add black earth and manure to restore the nutrients in the ground.

Have some fun!

And finally, enjoy yourself! However counterintuitive this advice might be, don’t strive for perfection. The experts say gardening helps to relieve stress and restore a positive mood. Focus energy on the joy gardening brings. Celebrate the plants that are doing well, rather than worrying over the things that may be going wrong. Gardens are constantly growing, evolving and changing. Lean into this beautiful process by embracing the change.


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