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Home interior trend alert for fall 2021

The pandemic has changed life as we know it in every way. This year’s interior design trend points homeowners towards calming, neutral colours and transforming the house into a multipurpose sanctuary. More people spending time at home means more people rethinking their living spaces. Top design trends are looking to accommodate the shift. This year’s trend is not so much about style as it is about multi-functional spaces, sustainability and comfort.

Home Interior Decor Ideas for Fall

From calming nature-inspired hues to the beauty of earth’s natural landscape retreating indoors, we're all looking to our homes to bring the calm, stability, and solace we can't find anywhere else in the world. Here are just some of the ways you can adapt your home interior decorating style to the fall 2021 trends.

Outdoors retreating In

Let your interior space steal a scene from the beautiful display of pretty fall foliage outside. The indoor-outdoor connection is a trend that’s here to stay for the long haul. If Covid has taught us anything it’s that nature brings much peace in times of uncertainty. Inviting natural materials like rattan, cane, wicker, wood into furniture, maximizing natural textures and fabrics like wool, linen, cotton or decorating with art pieces that focus on the beauty of nature. You can incorporate these natural elements into the design of your home little by little. Switching out furniture and maximizing the natural light in your home. And of course, everyone loves a house plant.

Warm, Earthy Neutrals

The fall 2021 season colour scheme is mostly composed of warm, earthy tones, neutrals and muted hues. By sticking to this general palette you can incorporate this colour into your home in a number of ways. Pair it with lovely natural textures and wooden accents for a feeling of tranquillity.
Spruce up your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living space with a splash of cool greys and neutral stone hues. This trend transforms rooms into cocoons that feel intimate, familiar and welcoming. Adding warmth as well as a certain kind of sophistication that complements fabrics and furnishings from all over.

Comfort meets Style: Cozy fabrics and textures
What’s this season’s trend that pulls every room together? Comfort meets style—uber-soft fabrics with delicate textures that bring warmth without the need for colour. This trend is significant for fall and super simple because you can add it to your existing decor without having to do much. The cottage core trend of ambient lighting, reading nooks by a window sill and layering your home with visual interest pieces.
You can layer up a room by using an array of different textiles, materials and colours. Throws and blankets can go a long way in making a room feel complete while adding style.

Layers of Ease: Bedroom Decor
Add depth, balance and a stroke of contrast to your bedroom decor when you layer with purpose. Bedrooms are considered a sacred place for us to retreat and rest. Bring the fall trend into your abode by layering across multiple sections in your bedroom.
Rugs, textured linens, decorative pillows and extra accessories are just some of the ways to turn up the comfort and warmth for the colder months. Signature pieces can be dark and moody or light and airy depending on the existing style in the bedroom.

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